Welcome to our rural health page. Since so many of our congregations are located in rural areas, it seemed only right to include information about the unique challenges, in terms of both public health issues and providing care, in rural areas.

Congregations interested in starting a health ministry can look here to get an idea of the health “snapshot” of their community-we’ll show you how.

Do you practice in a rural area? Your contributions and insight would be appreciated. Email the network at health@georgiaepiscopal.org

Rural Assistance Center Georgia Resource Page The Rural Assistance Center, which is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services rural health initiative, serves as an information portal for those working or interested in rural health care. Their Georgia Resource Page contains some very good information about Georgia health statistics, resources and funding sources, and “success stories” about rural health care ideas that worked. Check out the Georgia Resource page here, and the entire site here.

What’s Different About Rural Health Care? If you work in a rural health care setting you will recognize the differences. Good reading from the National Rural Health Association which can be found here.